Here at Prime Choice Health, we pride ourselves in being able to offer affordable, flexible health programs for women who are pregnant or seeking options when choosing maternity insurance.

Other companies view pregnancy as a pre-existing condition and a future financial burden, we look at it as it should be viewed: as a blessing.

Our affordable plans offer:

  • Both doctor and specialist referrals
  • Network Re-pricing and benefit administrator assistance to renegotiate bills for sonograms, examinations and the delivery
  • Reduced pricing on hospital costs and physicians fees
  • Coverage on lab testing

Our plans work for you to ensure all of your bills are reduced between 30-60%, increasing your financial security and alleviating the pressure from your family and yourself. And as your agent we also promise to do everything we can to provide for the health and care of yourself and your family, so you will always have a resource to tap for questions and concerns in your time of need.

At Prime Choice Health, we do more than just provide affordable health coverage and reduced medical bills, we guarantee protection and peace of mind.